Reproduction Policies and Fees

The Disciples of Christ Historical Society exists in part to provide information to support research. It is not our mission to duplicate large portions of our collection for housing elsewhere. 

Reproduction services are a convenience that is offered to researchers. Disciples of Christ Historical Society reserves the right to refuse requests for reproduction of any material that may be damaged in the process of reproduction, or may be deemed too fragile for reproduction. Long term preservation of our materials is our primary goal. Your cooperation in recognizing this goal is greatly appreciated.


Images scanned by staff: 

  • Low-resolution screen quality
    72 dpi
    $20.00 each 
  • Editorial print quality
    300 dpi
    $30.00 each
  • High-resolution archival quality
    600 dpi
    $40.00 each
  • Photographic prints (Currently not available)
    3x5, 5x7, or 8x10 inches
    $50.00 each
  • Images made with personal digital cameras
    $10.00 each 

Photocopies provided by staff: 

  • Black and white
    $.25 per page
  • Color
    $1.00 per page
  • Microfilm prints
    $.50 per page 


  • A charge of $25.00 per hour will be added to photocopying orders requiring more than 30 minutes of staff time to fill.
  • Postage and handling will be billed at cost plus $10.00.


Limitations on reproduction:

  • Researchers may request up to 500 photocopies and/or 100 digitized images. No more than 15% of a collection or record group may be reproduced for any individual or agency.
  • Researchers wishing to use a digital camera in the reading room must obtain written permission from the archivist on duty and images must be made under the supervision of the archivist.
  • Scanners and flash photography are not allowed.
  • All reproduction of documents and images obtained from Disciples of Christ Historical Society may be used only for personal research and study and may not be published, distributed on the web or given to another individual, library, museum, or archival repository without the written permission of Disciples of Christ Historical Society and any relevant copyright holder.  (Please see copyright information for more information.)